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What To Look For In A Skip Hire Company

by Mary Sewell

When you need to hire a skip, it’s important to choose the right company. There are many companies out there, and not all of them are created equal, as some may be hiding fees or may not be as great as they are cracked up to be on their website. So how do you know which skip-hiring company is right for you? Great! Great! As skip removal is not something many people are familiar with, it is important to know what to look for in a skip-hiring company. And in this article, you will be given tips to help you choose the right firm.

skip Hire Company


The first is experience. Opting for the cheaper company that has just started can be tempting, but you could pay more in the long term. Or, you may have a bad experience with them. Ensure the company has been in business for a while and has a good reputation; do not look for a general skip-based hiring team-look for pros! They should also be licensed and insured. How do you check for the most experienced skip-hiring firm? Go online to an independent website, or ask your friends or family. Alternatively, you could try an already well-established company like Sydney skip bin.

Customer Service

Another thing to look for is customer service. The company should be responsive and helpful, answering your questions and addressing your concerns. They should also be able to provide timely delivery and pickup of the skip when you need it, not when it is convenient for them. They should also be forthcoming about fees. If they are not, or you feel pressured into hiring them, move on to the next firm.


Different companies will be licensed to handle different kinds of materials. Some will not be able to handle hazardous waste like chemicals or asbestos, which requires specialized removal and disposal, but if you’re in touch with a skip hire company, they might know just who to recommend for the job. Skips come in different sizes, depending on whether you need them for a small private property or renovating large commercial premises.

When you book your skip, the team on the phone should be knowledgeable enough to advise you on the size you need – it is always a good idea to go slightly bigger because you never know how much you’ll need to dispose of until you’ve started clearing out. When booking your skip, you should also state the waste you want removed, so they know what they are preparing to receive and dispose of. Most companies will have guidelines that only certain kinds of trash can be used in one skip, such as soil and clay, construction waste, green waste, or general waste, so if you’ve got multiple areas that need clearing, it might be an idea to hire more than one skip, so you don’t get penalized for mixing the wrong kinds of waste.


Price is always important, and you want to find a company that offers quality services at a fair price. You should not have to overpay for quality service, but you also don’t want to choose the cheapest option if it means sacrificing quality or customer service. Many companies hire skips out either by the size for an extended period or by the day or week, depending on whether it is for commercial or private usage, depending on what you need.

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