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Useful bash scripts

by Mary Sewell

Linux, an operating system, requires some network commands that direct it to perform specific tasks or show certain details. Generally, the Linux powers we give to the operating system to act on the requested tasks are giving orders. These commands are typed in the Linux terminal and granted individually, consuming more time and comparatively tricky.

Bash scripting or Shell scripting is a programming system where we create a specific file, and on an orderly basis, we place one after the other Linux command; we recognize these commands in one single file. Then, the specific file is transformed into the form of scripts. Doing so allows us to easily activate or command our shell interpreters to execute the commands altogether.

bash scripts


What are some helpful bash scripts to make?

Bash scripts have made the whole command-giving process much easier, and as a result, the lives of Linux system operators have become very easy and smooth. Today, various sets of commands can be used in the best possible way. These bash scripts are used for multiple reasons, such as running numerous orders collectively, customizing administering tasks, or executing a bash command. So, someone who wants to learn operating Linux commands must learn bash scripting. Following are some bash scripting according to the requirement.

Useful bash scripts Linux

The following list of scripts makes the task run smoothly. Functions generally not done so efficiently in my manual process are done with simple bash scripts.

  1. ls | we -w

This command is used to count the number of files that are mentioned in the directory. To execute this command, the user must go to the guide to calculate the files. Next, open up the Linux terminal and type the above-given order to run the task.

  1. ls -Rt

This command is used to list the directories. This listing you are looking for is in a specific order of the last edited date. To do so, open the guide and write the above-given command in the Linux terminal.

  1. ls –sort=time

This bash script is used to sort the last edited files systematically or chronologically. To do so, visit the directory and, in the terminal type, the above command to execute the task.

  1. Ls; cd.

You can quickly run multiple commands in a single line with this specific command above. To do so, open the space where you will type your knowledge, namely the Linux terminal. Type command1; command2; (you can choose any number of commands to write). Once, it used to be such a troubling and time-consuming task for Linux system administrators to run the same errands every day. Today, expert developers have successfully made proper bash scripts for Linux system administrators. 

The free space available information tells an individual’s public IP address, process usage, disk usage details, and many more often-used scripts. These shell scripts execute basic commands such as hostname, DNS information, network information, online user accounts information, history of the logged user accounts data, and used memory. Like above, learning or gaining knowledge of scripting is also useful; bash scripts for mac and helpful bash scripts for web developers need equal attention and an urge to be understood.



Q.1 How are bash scripts useful?

A.1 Bash scripts are significantly used in tackling various essential tasks. These are useful for anyone working or operating a Linux system as an administrator. Being an admin means you must be quick at resolving hundreds of system-related issues. Knowing the commands is one thing, but using them fluently in the Linux terminal is another. These commands are often run one by one, whereas, being an admin, the operator must be efficient in running multiple orders simultaneously and in the same line. For this purpose, developers have devised ‘Bash scripting or Shell scripting. This method is beneficial as it makes the whole processing task smooth and fast. Through this, the admin can assemble the commands given to the system in a single file. This file is made into a script, and the orders are given out quickly.

Q.2 How are bash and python scripts useful for a DevOps engineer?

A.2 Besides many other scripting processes, Bash Scripting, and Python Scripting benefit a DevOps engineer.

Bash Scripting Even today, many DevOps developers prefer to use shell scripting to develop various operating systems and software applications to run them efficiently per their needs or requirement. It has a very satisfying power and goes beyond its limitation to perform execution tasks.

Python Scripting Just as DevOps engineers prefer Bash Scripting, they also look at the wide range of usability attached to python scripting. This form of scripting comes with many uses, such as building cloud infrastructure projects, supporting various web applications, and efficiently be used for almost all purposes. So, this language platform is listed as one of the top considered options and is more often used by DevOps engineers as it comes with a wide range of scripting usability options.


Linux administrator, mac, or web developer. This article discussed bash scripts; what are these bash scripts used for, various useful bash scripts that make the task easier and quicker for the Linux operator admin, and bash scripts used to execute systems? We also discussed some basic questions which are frequently asked while anyone is learning bash scripting.

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