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Understanding wagering requirements

by Mary Sewell

The gambling industry has exciting bonuses, rewards, and gambling terms. However, you can not be a pro gambler without knowing and understanding them. So, do you know what wagering requirements mean in online gambling? If you don’t, go through this article until the end and understand wagering requirements.


What is a wager?

Before understanding wagering requirements, you must first know what a wager is. It is an easy term gamblers use while playing casino games. In short, a wager is nothing but a bet. But now, the real question is the meaning of the term “wager” in online casinos. So, in online casinos, the term wager refers to the amount of money one stakes with each hand of cards, sports matches, and spin of reels. Furthermore, the term often refers to the total money you have bet during a particular period or session. Check out the list of trusted casinos in Australia if you are a passionate gambler.

Wagering requirement- what is it?

What do you receive when you sign in to a new online casino? Lots of bonuses, welcome rewards, and exciting promotions, right? Is it not that amazing? Almost all casinos provide new players with exciting prizes and reward programs to feel connected to the casino. The perks include free bets, spins, cash bonuses, and more. It is when the wagering requirement comes to play.


Wagering requirements are nothing but the number of times you must bet the bonus before it turns into real money that the player can withdraw. For instance, if an online casino offers a premium of 250% up to $100, you can win $25 with a minimum deposit of $10. Now, assume that the casino has also set a ×50 wagering requirement in the bonus money. Therefore, you need to bet your bonus money, $25, for placing a bet for $1250 before it becomes real money that you can withdraw from your bank account.

The rule and calculation of wagering requirements are simple here. To determine the overall, you must multiply the bonus amount with the wagering stake. Here, we have calculated the general by multiplying the bonus of $25 with the wagering requirement ×50 ($25 × 50= $1250). This is just one process. In other cases, you can see that an online casino is applying wagering requirements on both bonus money and the amount you deposit. Get started with Betsquare and get your hands on the best online casinos that offer extreme bonuses, outstanding wagers on them, and other exciting offers.

Things to keep in mind about wagering requirements 

The wagering requirements apply to bonus money by an online casino are not enough to impact the gambling experience of punters. A few more facts influence the wagering requirements and overall gambling experiences. Here, let’s have a look at them.

  • Deposit money and bonus money:

Different casinos offer different gambling rules to players. Furthermore, players sometimes consider beginning their game with bonus money instead of using their deposit money. However, sometimes gamblers play with their own money. In that case, they might withdraw the winning money without wager requirements.

  • MaxYou are the wrong life:

If you think you can place big bets to clear up the wager q wrong. You can usually only bet up to $5, considered the max bet.

  • Expiry date:

Almost all bonuses and other promotional programs come with an expiry date. In some casinos, the offer expires within a few hours, whereas some casinos provide an expiry date of up to a few days. So, you must fulfill the wagering requirements within the due date; otherwise, you may lose your bonus money.


These were all one needs to understand about the wagering requirements. So now that you have understood what it is and how it affects your entire gambling journey, you will use it wisely the next time. Good luck! Have a safe and happy gambling journey!

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