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Six content ideas to supercharge your marketing in 2021

by Mary Sewell

30-second summary:

  • Keyword research is at the heart of understanding where your business stands and what your end users expect
  • Surveying or monitoring your analytics is an excellent way of listening to your customers or readers for practical content ideas
  • Seasonality is a great way to find fresh content ideas by finding angles where your primary topic overlaps with seasonal interests
  • Collaborate and meet real people – use every opportunity (events, meetups, live sessions) to talk to people and listen to what they’d be interested in consuming
  • Use “question research” to understand the existing information gaps in the market
  • Re-package your old, better-performing content into new (updated) assets

If you feel like everything has already been written and you have no idea what else you can write about, here are six content ideas for you that will help you come up with valuable and engaging content this year:


Use new keyword research tools

Keyword research is not just for SEO! They can give you in-depth insight into your audience’s interests, questions, and struggles. Study and address them in your content. The key is to try a new tool from time to time. Why? Each device uses a different data source, output, or a different way to organize those keywords. Any of these will be enough to give you lots of content ideas. Luckily, we have quite a few tools to choose from.


This tool will give you everything you need to create a good topic list. Or at least point you in the right direction. Look at the left-hand channel to find popular concepts around your main topic and build your content around those! Kparser offers a premium version for $69 a month, but I’ve always been using its free version, which is excellent!


KeywordTool.io allows access to many data sources, including Google, Youtube, Amazon, Instagram, and Twitter. The tool will give you lots of ideas for free, but to see each keyword analysis, you need to upgrade to one of the listed plans.

Answer the Public

This one you may not have heard of. It features a man called ‘The Seeker’, who impatiently awaits your questions. You put in keywords or phrases; he suggests some exciting topics. Apart from being a great keyword research tool, this one is also great for question research (see my #5 tip on the list!) Different ways to group and organize your keyword lists will likely uncover more ideas. These grouping techniques include keyword clustering and semantic research. Answer the Public is freemium and comes at a $79/month minimum if you pay for a year, but frankly, I’ve never had to upgrade as the free version is simply fantastic!

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