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Is new laser beam vacuum worth $1,399 price

by Mary Sewell

A vacuum with a frickin’ laser beam attached to its head! That’s right – Dyson is pulling out all the stops with its latest stick vacuum releases, including the V15 Detect Absolute Extra and the V15 Detect Total Clean, the latter of which I have had a hands-on with.

V15 Detect Total Clean Features

The V15 Detect Total Clean is one of the most powerful vacuums that Dyson has released. It includes some epic new features, such as a slim fluffy head with a laser, a new sizeable anti-tangle brush bar vacuum head, a dust sensor, and an LCD screen. I have to say that the laser head, with a familiar fluffy brush, is just incredible. Although it seems gimmicky, it makes microscopic dust more visible and while, shocking, it’s super helpful to see how much dust is on my floor. Pair this with the new LCD screen and dust sensor; the vacuum will identify and count the dust particles it’s picking up in real time.


Identify dust particles and dust mites.

The vacuum can differentiate what it picks up into four categories – pollen, microscopic dust and skin flakes, dust mites, fine sand, and larger particles the size of sugar or fleas. While you’re cleaning, you get a reading on how much is being picked up in each category. It’s cool, but I find the vacuum’s bar graphs and micron readings confusing at a glance. Instead of reading the micron size to distinguish what particles are being picked up, it would be great to have graphic icons for each category, i.e., a cartoon flea icon.

I suppose I might get used to knowing which category is which at a glance, but more importantly, at least I can see the numbers of particles decreasing the more I vacuum – letting me know how many times I should go over an area until it’s super clean. I’m generally a littlelazye when it comes to vacuuming. Still, now that I can see more dust built up – thanks to the laser and particle measurements – I’ve been much more inclined to vacuum more thoroughly and frequently.

Anti-tangle brush head

Equally, I enjoy the anti-tangle brush bar that can give a deep clean on carpets and hard floors. It’s a vast and versatile vacuum head, and when the vacuum is on boost mode, it picks up dust and hairs (seemingly out of nowhere). I keep deep cleaning my house with this, and I’m constantly shocked at how much stuff it picks up. I’ve always loved Dyson stick vacuums, but this particular attachment takes the cake,e as hair tangling in the void has been a constant problem in my household. This attachment picked up so much hair that the furball was the size of a small creature – yet none stayed in the brush head. I am blown away.

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