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Comedian Christian Hull makes $500k in 6 months from ‘f**k off’ pendants

by Mary Sewell

When Aussie comedian Christian Hull bought a $550,000 apartment in Brisbane and his nationwide tour was shut down last year due to the pandemic, he admits he started to “panic”. After nine years, he quit his job as a radio presenter, and the tour was meant to be his income for the whole of 2020. The 34-year-old joked he would ask adult shop Lovehoney for sponsorship to “roadtest a sex toy” but admits the promotional side of his income also started to slow down. The Brisbane comedian is building an empire based on the “weird market for profanity at the moment,” and pendants are just the beginning.

So he returned to his love of making things, influenced by his fashion designer mum, and surprisingly his resin pendants, which he poured “f**koff energy” into, became a hit. “I would scream into the pendant. I’d be like, f**koff, f**k you, piss off, and that came all about because I mean when you move to Queensland, you get a little bit hippy, and I was obsessed with crystals,” he told the I Swear I Never podcast. “Not because of the healing powers, those are bulls**t, but they look pretty and sparkly… I was like; I wonder if there’s a crystal that radiates, like,piss-off energy.

Christian Hull

“Because there are ones for healing and spiritual energy, and I just want one that radiates enough f**koff energy that people just leave me alone. And so that’s why I made these pendants because it was me making like a little crystal that I was charging it with f**koff and piss off.” Initially, he gave the pendants away as prizes in a Facebook group. Still, members were keen to get their hands on one and asked him to sell them. He was baffled as he thought they were “terrible”.

Scoring gold when a TikTok clip he made saw 60 orders flood overnight, he shared the video to Facebook and Instagram. “Then, within three days, I had to make about 500 or 600 of these orders, and I was like,  ‘Oh wow, that’s a lot. I only have 30 molds and less than 24 hours to make them, and I was like, ‘How’s this gonna work?’ “So I bought more molds, and I started making the molds out of silicon. I just bulk-bought resin. I went to Spotlight; I purchased a heap of flowers. And I was like, let’s jee how long this will last for hhat money will this Tiktok generate?'” The comedian admits he was happy to keep making pendants while the “money tap” ran. So he spent about three months waking up at 6 am to start creating 600 pendants a day and then packing, posting, and sending.

“It was exhausting, but the big motivation was I made half a million dollars in six months,” he revealed. Mr. Hull said he has now built a “f**koff” empire, and while the pendants are “dead”, he has moved on to selling roll-on essential oil fragrances, where 1500 were sold in 24 hours. “But it all comes down to the gimmick of it; it’s called f**koff ski. It’s just rolling o; it’ss just an easy thing. I don’t think people bought it because they want to roll on fragrance; it’s just a gimmick,” he said. While the pendants were a great way to get into business. The enormous amount of money he made so quickly also set “unbelievable expectations”, he admitted. “I went into things going like yeah, I’ll buy 6 million of these, I’ll buy 25,000 of these, and so I had all this money, and I was buying all this stuff thinking it would do so well, and you know I had some failures along the way,” he revealed.

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