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Aldi launches $5 picnic menus for Melbourne and Sydney lockdown

by Mary Sewell

Aldi has made planning a picnic much easier as Sydney and Melbourne’s residents enjoy their first bit of freedom this weekend. It’s an exciting time if you live in Melbourne or Sydney. Although we’re still a few weeks short of the predicted ‘freedom days’ for both states, this will be the first weekend locked down, and Victoria residents can enjoy an outdoor picnic with friends. People who are fully vaxxed will finally be beable to enjoy a glorious recreational gathering with up to five people.

The only catch is that it can only be five people from a maximum of two households in Victoria, while if you’re in a Sydney LGA of concern, it’s restricted to members of your own home. So if you plan on heading out for an alfresco government-sanctioned gathering this weekend, it might be worth checking out Aldi. The German supermarket has unveiled three special picnic menus at $5 or less per person to simplify food planning.

Because let’s face it: Most of us haven’t socialized in months, so the thought of putting together a multi-course feed that doesn’t involve Uber Eats is exhausting. The three menus – “Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese”, “The Taste of France,” and “Sweet and Savoury Sensations” feature more than one Aldi favorite in each option. At $20.73, “The Taste of France” is the cheapest option, but don’t let that fool you – it includes the very fancy Emporium Selection Goat’s Cheese Barrel, a selection of savory nibblies as well as a sparkling chardonnay pinot noir wine.


“The supermarket’s European cheeses have developed quite the cult following among customers and frequently sell out. Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese” costs $24 and includes – you guessed it – two of Aldi’s most popular cheeses: the Emporium Selection Ash brie and Emporium Selection Smooth Blue Cheese. At $24.62, the “Sweet and Savoury Sensations” has a mixture of antipasto and dessert, with Aldi’s award-winning Choceur Dark Chocolate cutting.’

“We source our products from the finest cheesemakers in Australia and across the world and are proud of our quality line up,” Aldi Australia’s buying director Shane Aitken said in a statement. “I couldn’t think of anything better than placing quality cheese at the center of a picnic platter to enjoy with friends or family outdoors. “We have put together some great value, tasty options to look out for during your next Aldi shop, with all the cheeses under $5.”

The Taste of France: $20.73

  • Emporium Selection Goat’s Cheese Barrel 150g, $2.99
  • South Point Estate Sparkling Chardonnay Pinot noir NV 750ml, $4.99
  • Deli Originals Fresh Mixed Olives 250g, $3.49
  • Deli Originals Fresh Chunky Basil Dip 150g, $2.99
  • Damora Pastry Twists 150g, $2.99
  • Berg Mild Hungarian Salami 100g, $1.99
  • Damora Brown Rice Crackers 100g, $1.29

Sweet Dreams Are Made of Cheese: $24

  • Emporium Selection Smooth Blue Cheese 200g, $4.99
  • Emporium Selection Ash brie 150g, $4.49
  • Deli Originals Fresh Feta Dip 150g, $2.49
  • Deli Originals Fresh Antipasto 150g, $2.49
  • Berg Hot Hungarian Salami 100g, $1.99
  • Berg Mild Hungarian Salami 100g, $1.99
  • Damora Fine Wafer Crackers 100g, $1.89
  • Sprinters Pretzels 200g, $1.89
  • Australian Blueberries 125g Pack, $1.79

Sweet and Savoury Sensations: $24. 62

  • Forresters Salted Cashews 200g, $3.99
  • Emporium Selection Gorgonzola 200g, $3.99
  • Emporium Selection Goats Cheese 110g, $3.69
  • Damora Specialty Crackers 100g, $3.49
  • Bon Appetit Brioche Mini Pain au Chocolate 270g 6pk, $2.99
  • Choceur Dark Chocolate 200g, $2.99
  • Belmont Biscuit Co. Palazzo Cookies 125g, $1.99
  • Australian Strawberries 205g Pack, $1.49

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